Functional Items With A Touch Of Art

Hi, I'm Alyson of Etched | Gifts By Alyson. I created this business from my passion of creating art that connects with the soul and also serves an everyday purpose. I knew I wanted to work with my family after moving to CNY from Chicago with my husband, two babies and our dog. Working with my sister (who also relocated to be close to us) and husband we hand etch all of our pieces that are designed by me. We offer glass and slate items like drinkware, bakeware, serving trays, coasters and other household items. By hand etching we make very personal and individual gifts that you won't find anywhere else. We celebrate the uniqueness of imperfections and celebrate art in a practical way. Aside from our catalog of designs we also offer custom work to anyone looking for a personal one of a kind gift. Be it a baking dish with your name on it or a serving tray with your favorite animals, flowers or theme, we will listen and create something special for you.

  • Alyson Roland

    Partner and Artist

  • Rebekah Lynch

    Partner and Lead Sales

  • Neil Roland

    Partner and Artist

    • Mission

      Our passion is to bring art to everyone in an economical and practical way. Art doesn't always have to hang on a wall it can have an everyday functional use. We strive to bring that to our customers hands and allow them the opportunity to have fun and customize their life.