Wholesale and bulk hand etched items for small and large businesses. Cooperate and group logo and promotional items.

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How do I customize and item?

We offer custom designs on most of our items. We do have some limitations but we do our best to meet our customers needs making sure they get the one of a kind item they are looking for. Some of our items allow for the addition of a name added to an existing design while others offer the ability to create an entire design custom for our customer. Please reach out to us for more information and custom request.

Care instructions

  • Glass Bakeware - All glass bakeware is oven safe and dishwasher safe. Standard use precautions should be taking when baking in glassware. *Never put a frozen or extremely cold dish right in a hot oven. Allow your dish to come to room temperature first. This will prevent possible shatter or braking of the glass.
  • Glass Drinkware - All drinkware is dishwasher safe unless it is painted.
  • Glass Drinkware PAINTED - Handwash only
  • Slate Trays & Coasters - Hand wash with gentle detergent and dry access liquid. To maintain the longevity of your slate item it is recommended to put a very small amount of food safe mineral oil on your item once every six months. This may make it seem that your etching has faded or disappeared. It will return fully in 1-3 days after the oil is absorbed. *All of our slate is natural stone and it is common for it to flake or chip, especially on impact or if dropped.


Do we offer returns or exchanges?

As all of our items are hand etched and most of them are made to order we do not offer a return or exchange option at this time. However, if you have a problem or error with your order please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a resolution. We pride ourselves in our work and are so excited for you to have one of our pieces in your home.


Do we offer our items for wholesale?

Yes we do offer select items for wholesale. For more information please use our contact us page and submit a request for more information.

Do we offer logo work?

Yes, we love working with other business to promote their brand. Reach out to us on our contact us page to get your vision started.

Download the 2024 Wholesale Catalog and List Sheet